How to Hem Jeans: 1 Easy Way to Hem

Are your jeans as sad looking as mine were? For some odd reason I bought these thinking a long fit great- not so. After I finally accepted that, I would roll them up- really cute I know. Then my poor little cuff started to give out. Time to hem. Today, I’m going to show you how to hem jeans. Surprisingly, it is easy and it looks great!

how to hem jeans

don’t worry jeans- help is on the way!

How to Hem Jeans Instructions

How to Hem Jeans Step 1: Decide how much shorter you want your jeans- I wanted to take off 2″. Cut that amount in half. Cuff your jeans and measure from the bottom to the original hem and pin in place. Make sure you measure all the way around so it stays even.

How to Hem Jeans Step 2: Sew around your cuff right next to the original hem edge. You might need to use a denim needle.

Hemming Jeans
How to Hem Jeans Step 3: If you didn’t take off much you can just iron it upwards into the pant leg. Or… you could cut it off- I’d use pinking shears to cut down on fraying.
How to Hem Jeans Step 4: Flip your pants over and iron down the other side. ***If you don’t want to iron these everytime they come out of the wash I would use some fusible web to keep the hem where it belongs. I didn’t have any on hand, so I skipped that step- you can always go back and do it later.
5. Finished- I LOVE having a “new” pair of jeans that fits perfect!! There you have it – that’s how to hem jeans. Happy Sewing:)
how to hem jeans
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10 Responses

  1. I just tried this on my son’s jeans. It worked great. I used the steam a seam before I cut off the excess. It works great but since there are two layers on the inside I trimmed the top layer close with pinking shears and used steam a seam for the other layer. My son was thrilled with the results. Thanks!

  2. Suggestion: If you don’t have fusible web, simply place the hem the way you want it (with the extra fabric going up into the pant). With the right side up, stitch in a ditch along the seam you just made. It catches the fabric on the interior and forces it to stay up!

  3. I want to kiss you right now and I don’t even know you!! 🙂 I took my jeans to a tailor once and she “put back on the original hem” for extra and I always wondered how she did it. I was a home ec major and still didn’t know how to do this! My sister (much taller) just gave me like 10 pairs of nice jeans and I didn’t want to fork over the bucks to get them all fixed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂

  4. I just loved your tutorial. Being of short stature almost every jean I have purchased sits in the corner awaiting my decision if I really want to pay someone $15 to hem up my jeans. I will most certainly now use this tutorial and start using my jeans. Thanks and keep on crafting

  5. Can’t believe I haven’t thought of that. It’s one of those “should be obvious–but it wasn’t–and I’m so glad someone else pointed it out to me” kinds of epiphanies!! Thanks so much!!! I’m getting my machine out tomorrow!!!

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