Bib/Nursing Cover Clips

Turn anything into a bib! You know the moment: your baby is in white, you packed a jar of sweet potatoes, and you forgot the bib- not good… Trust me I’ve tried tucking a napkin in- the results weren’t pretty. So… the bib clips were born. Turn napkin, paper towel, burp cloth, etc. into a bib

Bonus- you don’t have to cart home a nasty bib.
They also work great for turning any blanket into a nursing cover.


  • 2.5 x 16″ piece of fabric
  • Suspender Clips
  • D- rings
  • Tiny hairband (optional)
1. Decide how long you want your bib to be. If you don’t ever want to use it as a nursing cover- I would make it a bit shorter than mine- maybe use a 12″ piece of fabric. Make sure you cut the fabric wide enough that after you’ve sewn it together it will slip over the suspender clips.
2. Fold your fabric right sides together and sew shut. Cut off a 2.5″ section. You should now have 2 fabric tubes- one short and one long.

3. Turn your tubes right sides out. For the long one I used a crochet hook to shove it through.

4. Cut your suspender clips in half. Tuck the raw edge under on your long tube and slip it over a suspender clip. Topstitch down.

5. Tuck the raw edge under and slip it over your other suspender clip. Slip the D-rings onto the strap then topstitch both ends onto the suspender clip.
5. Feed the long end through the D-rings and you’re done! I used the tiny hair tie to secure the loose tail.

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  1. I found mine in the fabric section at Wal-Mart. They were hiding on a rack with a bunch of buttons:) It was $1.50ish for 1. I assume you could find them at Jo-Anns. Good Luck- I bet those paci clips will turn out cute:)

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