10 Gifts for Sewists for Under $10!

Gifts for Sewists

The holiday season is here and it’s time for some shopping! If you know someone who sews they are guaranteed to love any of these gifts and you’ll love the price! All 10 of these gifts for sewists are under $10! Bundle a few together for a fun gift or they make great stocking stuffers!

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Gifts for Sewists

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1. Wonder Clips

Once you try wonder clips you’ll never go back! Perfect for holding your work securely in place instead of using pins.No more worrying about leaving holes in your projects or trying to pin through thick fabrics. This fun pack of 100 is just $8

wonder clips

2. Non-Stick Foot

This non-stick sewing foot fits most sewing machines and makes sewing over leather, PUL and laminates a breeze! No more skipped stitches or messing with tissue paper. At just $9.99 it’s a must-have in my opinion even if you don’t sew with these materials often.

non stick foot

3. Bodkin

Threading elastic through casings is quick and easy with the help of a bodkin! Definitely $4 well spent to end the headache of wrestling with a safety pin


4. Wonder Tape

Another $4 essential- wonder tape! This wash away tape is perfect for holding your project in place while you sew without the use of pins. I use it for hems, bias tape, zippers, positioning pockets and more. It’s easy to stitch through and washes away so you don’t have to worry about removing it later.

wash away wonder tape

5. Rotary Cutter

Cut straight lines quickly and accurately with the help of a rotary cutter! At just $8 it’s great to have a spare one too. To complete the gift pick up a cutting mat and ruler too.

rotary cutter

6. Fabric Glue Stick

Another wash away product that’s perfect for keeping your project exactly where you need it as you sew. Match stripes at seams, baste hems, install zippers and more! I haven’t tried this one yet but many of my fans recommend it and at just $6 I’m definitely going to give it a try!

fabric glue stick

7. Embroidery Scissors

I don’t do much embroidery but at just $5 these cute little scissors are one of my favorite sewing room tools! They’re only 4″ long and perfect for trimming threads and fabric from tight spaces



embroidery scissors

8. Tailor’s Ham

I managed to get by without one of these for years until I realized they were only $7 and then I wished I had bought one sooner! Pressing a curved garment onto a flat ironing board is nearly impossible. With the help of a tailor’s ham you can get a perfect press on darts, collars, princess seams and more.

  tailor's ham

9. Bobbin Tower

This handy bobbin tower is definitely on my wish-list this year! Looks like the perfect way to keep those bobbins contained and it’s cute too! At just $10 this would make an excellent gift. I think I’ll suggest this idea to my kids 😉

bobbin tower


10. Seam Ripper

Anyone who sews knows you can never own too many seam rippers! An absolute essential for fixing all of those oops! moments. This seam ripper has a rubber tip to help “erase” all of the stray threads after you’re done ripping them out

seam ripper

There You Have it – 10 Gifts for Sewists for Under $10.

127 Responses

  1. I dont have hardly any of these things as a beginner in the Sewing/Quilting world.
    I would like to try the wonder clips though. Im tired of sticking my fingers with the pins

  2. I may get several of these for my sewist daughter. (However, we “borrow” a lot from each other!) I’ll bet she can use the bobbin tower.

  3. I love Wonder Clips! When pins don’t work well, these clips hold layers together and are easy to remove. And no pin holes!

  4. My favorite sewing gadget would have to be my long tweezers that make catching the bobbin after I rethread a breeze. It is so simple but I use it every time I sew and I love it! haha

  5. I love my chalk roller tool. I am not sure what they are actually called…but you just roll it along your ruler or quilting pattern and it marks your sewing line. I’ve found the chalk just brushes right off and is much easier to erase than a chalk pencil.

  6. My favorite sewing gadget is my Bodkin. I make alot of things with eastic and it makes it so fast to thread them in the casings. The one sewing Gadget I want is a bobbin tower. I have been eying one or awhile.

  7. I would love to win this, these all look like great items to help organize and make your projects work smoothly, thank you for the chance to win this!

  8. My favorite gadget has got to be my wonder clips! Can never have enough! (Hopefully this comments correctly!)

  9. I can’t live without my seam ripper. If I had a wish list item from those products it would be the bobbin holder!

  10. my favourite of these tools are the wonder clips! and my favourite tool at home is my walking foot.

  11. I love the elastic threader. I don’t have this one but I have a set for different sizes of elastic and ribbons! Makes life so much easier!

  12. I love my wonderclips as well as my bobbin case. That bobbin tower looks amazing though. I might have to get one of those next!

  13. It’s so hard to choose a favourite sewing gadget! I love my basting spray, Teflon foot, wonder clips, so many!

  14. I guess a seam ripper would be my most used tool, I’m not sure it’s my favourite though, I don’t particularly enjoy using it.
    My bias tape folder is pretty nifty though. I would hate to have to hand fold metres and metres of tape.

  15. My favorite sewing gadgets are my big washer pattern weights, my little, very sharp scissors, and my binder clips that I use instead of wonder clips. I also really like Wonder Tape. I can go through a ton of that on projects with slippery or swim fabric or sweater knits.

  16. My favorite of these 10 is the bobbin tower, but the one I use the most now is the seem ripper! It’s definitely a must have tool!!

  17. I can’t live without my seam ripper ava my little bitty flat head screwdriver that I use to change out my needles and presser feet.

  18. My mama! She literally has a degree in home economics-textiles, so I give her anything I don’t want to deal with 🙂

  19. I would be lost without my rotary cutter, but I also wear a Klutz Glove when I use it. Cutting my hand would mean a break from sewing. Not willing to do that!

  20. Seam ripper is definitely my most used can’t say it is my favorite gadget, but I sure could not sew without it!

  21. Wonder clips are my favorite thing on the list that I already own but the bobbin tower looks like something I need!!

  22. Not technically my favorite, but it saves my sanity on a daily basis……the seam ripper. I hope to set it aside one day when my sewing skills improve!

  23. I have just about all of the top ten, but lately, my favourite has to be the glue stick. I find I’m using it just about every project.

  24. I think the seam ripper has to be my favorite (not that I EVER have to use it *ahem*), because the rubber end is awesome for getting those loose threads out.

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