Sweater Basket Tutorial


In our house, we have this couch that swallows. everything. Seriously! It is super deep, squishy, and is the kind of couch that hugs you and then robs you of anything you had in your pockets. This couch is amazing and terrible all at once. Kevin (my … [Read more...]

Stay-Put Tablecloth Tutorial


If you have little kids you know that tablecloths can be a bit of a hassle. After our table cloth (and food!) had been pulled off one too many times I took matters into my own hands and sewed a stay-put tablecloth. I seriously love this so … [Read more...]

How to Sew a Pillowcase


Learn how to sew a pillowcase! Pillowcases are the perfect beginner project and an easy way to customize the decor in your home. They also make a great gift! 1. Free Pillowcase Pattern Get this free pattern from Purple Moose Designs and learn how … [Read more...]

Mini Embroidery Hoop Ornaments


Every year I struggle to come up with a little something to say thank you to the people that make such a difference in my life.  Pinterest is chock full of ideas for simple handmade items...that everyone else makes.  This year, I decided it was time … [Read more...]

Half-Handmade Appliqued Tea Towels


Are you looking for some quick gift ideas, but your creative self won't let you just buy them? Here's a "half-handmade" idea for you! Buy the basic towels and then get creative! This is a quick project that a beginner could knock out in about an … [Read more...]