2015 Costume Parade Winners!


Thanks for joining in the costume parade! I hope you all had a happy Halloween!! This year's winners are.... Overall Rebecca with her Incredibles family! Cutest Molly with Lucy and Ricky Ricardo twins! Scariest Katie with the zombie … [Read more...]

10 Free Doll Costume Tutorials


While you are in Halloween costume mode, wouldn't it be great for your dolls to get in on the fun? Here are 10 free tutorials for doll costumes. Besides making your little ones super happy, this is a fun way to use up scraps! 1. Doll Skeleton … [Read more...]

10 Free Apron Patterns


One of my goals this year is to have all of my Christmas presents ready to go before December so I can really enjoy the holidays. In case you are getting started early too, here are 10 free apron patterns. Aprons make great gifts! 1. Cute Apron … [Read more...]

Mini Pumpkin Place Card Holders

Mini Pumpkin Place Holder

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Or if you're Canadian, it's already been and gone. Regardless, this is a fun and easy little craft to make your dinner table just a little more festive! I found this 6-pack of mini white pumpkins at my local … [Read more...]

DIY Baby Gumball Machine Costume


I know I said last year that I'm not a huge fan of Halloween and sewing costumes, but I think this year may have turned the tides. My own kids (at 3 and 5.5 years) are super excited about it and have had so much fun planning their costumes, and I've … [Read more...]

DIY Han Solo Costume

shoot first

My little guy is obsessed with Star Wars so a DIY Han Solo costume was just what he needed for Halloween this year! He loves to dress up and has had so much fun in this costume! Make sure you check out yesterday's post to learn how to make … [Read more...]