How to Sew Heart Knee Patches

Knee Patches

I know it's past Valentine's Day, but this is seriously a tutorial for ANY time! My gal is so hard on her leggings, yet they still have so much life left in them! I have a pile to mend, and thought I'd share how I do it. I started off with two pairs … [Read more...]

Valentine Fabric Envelopes Tutorial


I love real letters! And my kids love writing letters too. Well, actually my older son is the only one who knows how to write, my two girls can only draw a few doodles. :) They love to play that they are "writing" letters one to the others. They used … [Read more...]

Love Banner Tutorial


I absolutely love to make banners. I have no clue why, I just do. Banners are fun, fast projects. They make fabulous props for photos. They are a fun way to add some color to a blank wall. And they are easy to change out every month to keep the decor … [Read more...]