DIY Fabric Bin

It’s great when two hobbies can come together! I (like many others, I am sure) have tons of scrap pieces of fabric sitting around just waiting for a good scrap busting project. However, I also happen to have a few pieces of baby-wearing wrap scrap material. Turning these scraps into a fabric basket is a great useful project. Heck, you can even use them to store your scraps of fabric! As an added bonus, it is reversible!

Fabric Basket Tutorial

This is a round bin that I sized based off of the size of the wrap scrap that I had. You can make any size you wish, with minimal math required. For a no math required option, here are the measurements I used (1/4″ seam allowance included):

Circle base with 9 1/2″ diameter:

1 each of the main fabric, lining fabric, and interfacing (Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex)

Rectangle sides – 15 1/8″ x 8 1/4″:

2 each of the main fabric, lining fabric, and interfacing

If you want to make a different size,  you can do so by using:  C (circumference) / 3.14 (pi) = d (diameter)

I simply made my two rectangles based off my available fabric. I then measured the circumference that created. Once I knew the circumference, I calculated the diameter of the circle that I needed for the base. You could also create the circle base and then calculate the length of the rectangular pieces that you need (just make sure to add seam allowance!).

I used waxed canvas for the outer lining, so I only used interfacing for the wrap scrap lining material. If you are using a different material, you may want to interface both the lining and main materials. Make sure to finish the seams as needed. The waxed canvas doesn’t require the seams be finished and can easily be “finger pressed” open. The wrap scrap material on the other hand, definitely will need to be finished and will benefit from pressing each seam.

Go ahead and apply the interfacing to the lining material.

Sew both of the shorter sides of the rectangle pieces of the lining together. Finish and press the seams. Top stitch if desired.

Repeat for the outer fabric. You should now have two tubes of fabric.

Take the lining fabric and with right sides together, clip the base to the tube. Use plenty of clips here! Finish, press, and trim the seam.

Repeat for the outer fabric.

Once both the lining and outer bins are structured, you can sew them together.

You want to make sure you have the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Place the lining inside of the outer bin. Sew around the top, leaving an opening for turning. I usually like anywhere from 2″-4″ inches depending on fabric type. I will use two clips to mark the start/stop points and to keep me from continuing to sew the entire thing shut!

Trim the seam allowance, press, and turn the bin so that it is right side out. It may take a bit of fidgeting and a good press to get the lining to fit nicely into the outer fabric. Press the opening closed, and the top of the bag. Top stitch around the top edge of the bin. This will close the seam and keep the lining in place.

I chose to roll the edge of the bag down 1 1/2″ to showcase the wrap scrap a bit more. You could tack this down, but then it wouldn’t be reversible.

Proceed to display and store away!

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