Embellished Hair Elastic Kids DIY

Hi everyone! Sara here from Made by Sara. Summer is finally here on my corner of the woods! And that means kids are now officially on vacation for three (endless) months. For a stay-at-home mom that means having to come up with lots of ideas for new activities every single day or else… it’s chaos. (I am sure you know what I mean, right?)


My girls don’t miss the chance to play with ribbons and buttons. So I thought we could have a crafty afternoon making some embellished hair elastics! This is an easy no-sew project for kids. They had so much fun, for hours!


  • Hair elastics (the thin kind),
  • Bits and pieces of ribbon
  • Fun shank buttons (with a large hole)


How to Make the Button Hair Elastics


  1. Fold the elastic.
  2. Pass it through the shank hole.
  3. Tie a loop and pull.

It’s done!



How to Make the Ribbon Embellished Hair Elastics


  1. Cut several pieces of ribbon (8” to 10”)
  2. Tie them on in the elastic, all around or just on half of it

You’re done!


These can also make a cute coordinating accessory to go with that dress! Combine colors and you will have a themed hair elastic. Think 4th of July!

Show us your embellished hair elastics on Peek-a-Boo Pages’ Facebook group!


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