FQ Doll Sleeping Bag Tutorial

 This week Anne and I made a quick and easy sleeping bag for her dolly. Since she was the one doing the sewing (yes my 4 year old made this!) we really did keep it simple :)

All you need is one FQ and some fleece to complete this doll sleeping bag tutorial

FQ Dolly Sleeping BAg

The top of the sleeping bag folds down so the doll’s head can peek out the top

And one side flaps open so it’s easy to get dolly in and out

This easy doll sleeping bag is sure to make any little girl happy! And since she made it herself she’s even happier about it :)

1. Cut your FQ in half. This was the perfect size for a 15″ Disney princess doll. Her 12″ baby dolls fit well in it too. So we now have 2 pieces that are 18″ tall by 11″ wide. Then we cut 2 more from our fleece to make the sleeping bag extra cozy. To make this project even simpler you could skip the quilting cotton and just do a single layer of fleece.


2. With right sides together (RST) sew one layer of fabric to one layer of fleece leaving a gap at the bottom. This gave Anne a great chance to practice pivoting around corners IMG_5709

3. We decided to round the corners of the other pieces and then sewed them together with RST and leaving a gap at the bottom. This is a great opportunity to practice sewing curves. I had to help her a bit but she was still able to do most of it IMG_6080

4. Now turn both pieces right side out. Make sure the raw edges are tucked in along the bottom and then topstitch all the layers together. To leave room for dolly’s head we started 4″ down from the top on one side and 6″ down from the top on the other side to make it a bit easier to open IMG_6083 IMG_6084 IMG_6085

And that’s it! Quick, easy and a great introduction to sewing!

Happy Sewing :)

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  1. 11


    amy, what a wonderful tutorial. i asked my 4yr old daughter if she wanted to sew something and she definitely wanted to. it was her very first time at the sewing machine and she was so so proud! she showed it to her grandparents, to our neighbors and to her friends. thanks for the fun and easy tutorial. my little one is hooked…

  2. 14


    Wow she’s done a great job. Her dolls are going to love it. You must be so proud of her. I’m going to pin this page so I can make it some time but I doubt mine will be as good as hers!!

  3. 18

    Karen says

    I am so impressed! She did a wonderful job and I love her smile of accomplishment. It is just precious. Well done mom and here’s to the beginning of her joy in sewing!! I can’t wait to see what she makes next :)

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