Free Sweater Pillow Tutorial

With winter just beginning and lots of cold weather ahead I whipped up some cozy cardigan pillows using thrift store sweaters. These Pillows are Perfect for Fall and Winter. Use this Free Sweater Pillow Tutorial to Make Your Own

DIY Cardigan Pillows

I love the warm and cozy texture it adds to our family room! But what I love even more is that you can make one in 10 minutes :) IMG_1065

I went with a cozy cable knit for our couch and this fun snowflake print for the armchair

I had these out all through December but I love how well they transition with the rest of the decor for January and February.


Or you can even leave it out all year depending on your decorating scheme. I made this fun striped one for my mom to keep at their cabin


So dig through those closets or hit up the thrift store and let’s get started! If you’re planning to cover up an existing toss pillow temporarily make sure you measure so you know how big of a sweater you will need. I made some 18″ pillows and some 20″ and a women’s size small sweater was just big enough. If your sweater is bigger then you will just take in the sides as well

1. Try the sweater on your pillow with the sweater inside out. For smaller sweaters you will need to include part of the sleeves in your seam. Do your best to mark the seams and then remove the pillow form. IMG_0968

2. With the sweater inside out use a fabric marker to mark off your sewing lines. If your sweater fit the pillow well width-wise you can keep the existing side seams. Most sweaters taper out towards the armpits so I made sure my sewing line went straight up and straight across the top. I kept the bottom edges and just sewed them shut. If your sweater is too big you’ll go all the way down the sides to take it in  as much as needed for a good fit.

3. After you’ve sewn all of your seams go back over any raw edges with a serger or zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying and trim off the excess sweater.

Turn right side out and insert your pillow form and you’re done!

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    I love this idea, especially since I don’t knit. I’ve saved a few knit sweaters that were just too pretty to get rid of that would work perfectly for this craft.

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    I Love making things form old sweaters…I usually buy a fiber I can felt first…that way I don’t worry about fraying. I need to try making pillows.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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