Tutorial: Baby Snuggle Blanket

Is there anything sweeter than a sweet sleeping newborn???
Probably not :)
One of my favorite baby gifts is a small snuggle blanket. My friend gave Will one when he was teeny tiny and it quickly became his “woobie”. They might look like a full size blankie when they’re covering a newborn but now that he’s a toddler it’s just big enough for him to snuggle his face into and small enough to toss in a diaper bag which is so wonderful!
Will loves his so much that Anne thought we definitely needed to make a “woobie” for her baby cousin so we made her cute yellow minky woobie. Since then I’ve also made Will 2 more because we had a tragic loss while on a jog. Worst day ever :( So while you’re making one you might as well make 2 just in case.
Here’s Will with Woobie 2.0
Styling right???
Let’s get started!

The key to these is to make them nice and small. It really is my favorite thing about it :)
Our woobie is approximately 12×12″
The top is quilting cotton and for the bottom you want something super cuddly. My favorite is the minky velboa (they sell it in the fur section at Joanns). It looks like little rose buds and is so so soft. For this yellow one I used the striped minky.
1. Cute your bottom piece to 1.25″ bigger around all sides. Fold each corner into a point and sew across at a right angle. Trim the excess
 2. Center the top layer with wrong sides together and wrap one edge around tucking the raw edge under 1/4″.
 3. Wrap the 2nd side around tucking that raw edge under 1/4″ as well.
 4. Continue working your way around and then topstitch in place around the inside edge and each corner.
***I don’t have a photo but on Will’s new woobie I slipped a loop of ribbon under 1 edge and now we can attach it to the stroller to keep it from getting lost. Just something to think about :)
Happy Sewing :)

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