Tasty Tuesday: Banana Pancakes

Welcome back to Tasty Tuesday!
Every Tuesday I’ll be posting recipes and meal ideas for picky eaters. Along with whether or not it was a success at our house. I’m hoping for mostly successes :)
Today I’m sharing a staple in our house:
Banana Pancakes
Nothing novel but for us it’s a great way to start the day off. Anne devours pancakes and since she’ll eat 4 (yup 4!) in one sitting sometimes she gets 1/2 a banana in without even noticing it. 
Happy Anne, Happy mommy :)
No big secret on making these. I just mash up a banana (if we have strawberries I throw some of those in too) and add it right into the pancake mix. With Aunt Jemimas I keep everything else the same. With Krusteaz I just throw in some mix and enough water to get to the right consistency. Generally I do 1 banana for about 8 pancakes. 

If you have any recipes your picky eater loves please link them up! We may give them a shot :) The link up will be included each week so we have a growing directory of resources for all of us


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