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Last week, I was walking through a thrift store and this old wooden frame caught my eye. I liked it’s character, style and the detail in the wood. It was only $2 so, I snatched it up and decided that I’d repaint it and turn it into something that I’ve been wanting to make…..a jewelry board! 

This project was fast, easy and I’m so happy to have a better way to organize my big necklaces and bracelets. I have a nice jewelry box that my husband gave me but, I love chunky jewelry and those big pieces fill up a jewelry box way too quickly.

I started making the jewelry board by first using a hot glue gun to attach some cork board to the cardboard back of the frame.

 Next, I painted the outside of the frame with two coats of paint, letting the paint dry in between coats. I decided to go with plain old white push pins for hanging the jewelry but, to dress them up a bit, I painted the tops of each pin.

The cork board (that was glued onto the cardboard) got covered with a yellow and white checkered fabric. Pulling the fabric tight and stapling it to the back worked really well.

After the new paint on the frame was really dry, I put the backing of the frame back on and then added the painted push pins. 
I hung it up in the bathroom, hung my big necklaces on it and then did the happy dance that my 3 year old nephew does.

 The lower part of the board I intentionally left a little more empty. I’m hoping that will be a special place where my husband and I can leave each other little notes etc.

Seriously, I really do love this. The color is energizing, my necklaces are organized and they’re up and away from the little hands that live in our house. 

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Thanks so much Angela! I LOVE your color choice!


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    This is one good project to make for this weekend. I really do think my girl would love this. Looking from her style,she’d like to have this kind of organizer.

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    You have just made me a very happy person today,you know why? Because you just gave me an idea on how to organize my long necklaces.. I have them beaded necklaces,capiz shell necklaces ,small shell necklaces, wooden ones, and a bunch more.. :D .. So I better go starting getting the materials and so I can start making my hanging organizer. Thank you for sharing a good DIY . I am now also doing the happy dance now.. :)

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    I never manage to get all my jewelries arranged in such organized way. That’s why your idea about jewelry wall seems to me very interesting and i’m going to give it a try. I’m storing my jewelries in dishes,yes, in traditional dishes and they are very convenient.

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