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Hello there!  I am Hope from the blog Hopeful One. I am a mommy to two beautiful boys and new to the blogging world. What a thrill to be the guest blogger today!

If there is one thing a mom-to-be understands it is preparation. There seems to be an endless list of details to remember right before the big day.  I was in that boat last August, when I was preparing to go to the hospital to have baby number 2.

My mother was kind enough to volunteer to watch my older and very active 3.5 year old son Nathaniel, while my husband and I were at the hospital.  As the date was drawing closer and closer I began to worry that my darling, but very busy, Nathaniel might be a bit more of a handful then my mom was expecting.  To assist her, I thought that having some prepared arts and crafts ready to go in a pinch would be a huge blessing.

I found the resources online to be so inspiring.  So with a very clear idea of what I wanted for each busy bag, I went to the Dollar Tree and gathered some supplies.  I printed out instructions with a picture of the completed project on a piece of paper and placed it down into each bag to help avoid any confusion.

  • 1 package of acrylic paint 
  • A plate to put the paint on
  • 1 toilet paper tube (with slits cut for the tree top to slide into)
  • 1 piece of white poster board (to cut out tree top)
Experiment with Clay
  • 1 package of molding clay from the Dollar Tree (or any play dough, even homemade would be great)
  • Items to push into the clay for a sensory experience, you could use anything you would like.  Just to get my mom started I grabbed the following:  A plastic T-Rex (to make dino footprints), Bristol Blocks, Play Screw Driver and Spoon
  • Handful of cotton balls (enough to cover your sheep)
  • Black card-stock: for the sheep nose, ears and legs 
  • White card-stock: for the sheep body
  • 2 large google eyes
  • White glue
  • 1 red pipe cleaner cut to about 2 inches (for that adorable smile)
There are so many amazing ideas out there!  The hard part is not pulling the supplies together, but deciding which bags to create. 

When leaving the children with a baby sitter or just for an afternoon craft, busy bags are always a great idea.

Have a Blessed Day!

This is genius! Thanks so much for stopping in Hope!


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Amy is the founder and owner of Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop. She is a wife and mother to 3 children. Amy loves to sew, read and spend time outdoors.

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