30 Minute Rag Quilt Tutorial

Today I have a 30 minute rag quilt tutorial to share with you!
30 minute rag quilt
If you can sew a straight line you can make a rag quilt! I’ve made a ton of these and had a lot of fun coming up with a few different designs. All of these were made with 1 1/4 yard cuts of flannel. This gives you a 44″ square approximately to start your project with. For quick cutting I laid my 2 fabrics on top of each other with wrong sides together and then cut through both layers at the same time. If I was working with squares I would cut across the whole row rather then cutting each square individually
16 Square
Cut sixteen 11″ squares
9 Square
Cut nine 14″ squares
Diagonal stripes
This design was a bit tricky to sew since the fabric stretched along the bias but with a little trimming at the end to even things out it worked out fine. My stripes are approximately 6″ wide
Basic Stripes
Cut your fabric into 4 equal squares and then cut through each square from corner to corner to create your triangles
I was able to sew each of these quilts in under 30 minutes. I had then had a group of women at church help me snip the fringe and we donated them to a children’s shelter. This is a great project to work on with a group because anyone can snip fringe and it’s fun to chat while you snip :) We didn’t get through the whole pile so some of the 8-12 year old girls worked on a few as well. It’s a great way to get the kids involved!
Here’s a quick look at the back. On the front you have fringe and the back is all finished seams
Let’s get sewing!
1. Decide on your design and get your fabric cut. For an alternating pattern flip half of the pieces over. Each piece should still be double thickness with wrong sides together
2. Grab one piece (remember still double thickness) and sew it to the next piece in your row (also double thickness). Repeat the process across the row making sure your exposed seams are all on the top of the quilt
3. Sew your rows together
4. Trim any uneven edges and then sew around the entire quilt 1/2″ from the edge. Now snip, snip, snip! I snipped my fringe about every 1/4″. After you’re done toss it in the dryer and it will fluff up.
30 minute rag quilt

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  1. 29


    Someone asked if there were 4 pieces of flannel sewed together or. Two pieces; can someone give an answer. And she stated all you see is two pieces of flannel sewed together….

  2. 30

    Kathy says

    I cut one or two 1″ strips of flannel to fit all around the outside of the quilt. I sewed it at 1/2″ on to each edge with edges even and flannel strips right side up, then fringed all layers like the rest before I washed it. That finished the edge very fluffy.

  3. 36

    Gamma930 says

    If you have 2 squares on top of each other & then you sew it to the next square in the row which also has 2 squares (top & bottom), how come your pictures only show 2 raw edges of fabric in each seam? Wouldn’t you have 4? Or am I just not seeing that correctly in your pictures? And were all your fabrics in the pictures flannel? I can’t wait to make these.

  4. 37

    Victoria Peabody says

    Never thought about doing this without batting/flannel between layers.
    This is a great idea for our CA weather. I have always sewn X’s on each block.
    A little more time though.

  5. 41

    Ruth Bledsoe says

    Did you say what size seam to take? 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch. If making 1/2 inch snips you would need at least 1/2 inch or more.

    • 42

      Amy says

      I use 1/2″ seam allowances and space my snips about 1/4-1/2″ apart. I just snip in as close as I can get to the stitching line without snipping it

    • 49

      Amy says

      I made this a couple years ago and I ended up gifting it so I can’t measure but from what I remember my squares were probably around 9 or 10″. I would just decide on a good finished size (anywhere around 1 yard square is pretty normal for a baby blanket) and then divide by 3 and add seam allowances to get the dimensions for your squares

  6. 50

    Andrea says

    What a great idea.. my son is now almost 18 months and just thought about using his receiving blankets that are WAY to small now!

    Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  7. 52

    jody says

    I would say these squares are probably 13×13 so finished size 12×12 squares. That would make it 36×36. This is very cute and quick.

  8. 53

    Joe-ann says

    Beautiful work!!!!
    What size squares did you cut out for this particular rag quilt?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    • 54

      Amy says

      I gifted this one and I’m not sure what size I used but Jody’s suggestion of 13×13″ squares would work well :)

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