Playhouse Pattern Giveaway & a Winner!

***this giveaway is now closed***
Have you heard of the Miss Pretty Pretty Playhouses???
I bet you have because not only are they super cute- they were also featured on the Today show!
Sunshine Garden Card Table Playhouse, Personalized, Custom Order
I’ve been swooning over her creations for over a year now and I’m thrilled to have her here for a giveaway! All of her playhouses fit right over a card table so if you’re tight on space you can pack it up at the end of the day (genius!). I know little miss would go crazy over one of these:)
She’s all filled up for Christmas orders but the good news is…
1 Lucky Reader is going to Win the Deluxe Playhouse Pattern and…
Red Double Delight Playhouse, Fits Card Table, Personalized, Custom Order, As Seen on The Today Show
1 Pattern Add-On of Your Choice
Cardtable Playhouse Add On Pattern, CupCakery, Pattern, eBook, nearly 30 Pages
and…there’s plenty of time to whip up one of these darling playhouses before Christmas!

Not a DIY type of gal? She has a limited stock of playhouses left that are ready to ship, so hurry (really hurry) and snap one up before they’re gone. 

Ready to win? Please leave a separate comment for each entry:
  • Pick out your favorite playhouse in the shop (I’ll see you back here in a few hours)
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Last Week’s UUUPP Winner is:
Rebma said… 71
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  1. 205

    Kelli says

    I loooove all the playhouses in the shop but I think my daughter would looove the neighborhood cafe. I would also make the inside wall for the cupcake bakery and use the pattern for all the food. She would love this…she has a Mcdonald’s playset and we’re always making each other food orders with it. = )


  2. 211


    I can honestly tell you that I don’t have a favorite one. however I think my kids would love one to do with food (the cafe or one similar to that) they would also like the library (the perfect book nook!) also the train, or just a plain old house that they could “play house” in!

  3. 223


    I love her shop and like you I have been lusting after her stuff! I would love to create this over a FEW nap times for a Christmas gift! lol I follow her FB and now your blog as well! thank you soo much

  4. 224


    These are wonderful!!!!
    Love them all :):) My fav(s) are the princess in purple; the farm stand, the railway station – guess they are all wonderful Cupcakes and lemonade too
    Sooo Princess in purple wins
    Thanks so for the opportunity

  5. 232


    You weren’t kidding when you said you’d see us in an hour! I love that shop! I recognized some of her stuff, so I’m sure my mom has sent me pics from her shop before. I think I’d like one of each! My absolute favorite (if there can possibly be such a thing!) is the Double Delight. So sweet!

  6. 257


    Too many cute ones to pick just one fav. I love the train station, the pirate hangout, the pirate ship, the farmer’s market, etc., etc., etc.!

  7. 276


    I couldnt pick just one favorite, so my 2 favs are the bluebird cottage in pink and the library (ohh but I also love the ice cream shop and the mermaid one, OH the possibilities!)

  8. 279


    Having already made the Deluxe playhouse (finished for my daughters 3rd b’day yesterday) and have just purchased train pattern for my son’s xmas. I would love to make a large PVC playhouse pattern next and the train add-on for the kids also ;) I’m addicted. I love them so much and already have friends requesting them for their kids birthdays!

  9. 291


    I love too many of them! My favs are the two different pirate one’s, outer space, fire station, king’s castle and superhero! What can I say, I have little boys.

  10. 338


    You’re right, it is WAY too hard to pick one! I kept saying to myself, “Oh, definitely that one. Wait, is that a CUPCAKERY? Adorable! Oh my word, a pirate ship! Wow!” So yeah. I love them all. lol The Cupcakery is in the top of my list though. :)

    kindredspiritreviews at gmail dot com

  11. 345


    And of course, I like the big pink delux playhouse…the one you put on a PVC frame ;) and I would have to order the kitchen wall and other accessories as well. :)

  12. 346


    I love the Card Table Playhouse, Red Double Delight. It’s so cute and I love how it’s gender neutral. Perfect for my kids
    moodykelly at gmail dot com

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