American Crafter Season 3 Round 1!

Season 3 is officially here!
And the theme is…
Yup- Halloween!
And to kick things off right we have an awesome prize for the Round 1 Champion!
Round 1 is sponsored by…

And this week’s champ will win their choice of Halloween Invite or Tags!

DIY Printable-Happy Halloween Invite

DIY Printable- Cupcake Toppers/tags- Halloween- Scary Faces-

Hop on over to Little Miss Missy to see all of the choices!

and now on to the contestants!
Our Amazing Judges went through all of the auditions and picked their favorite projects. That was then narrowed down to the Top 15. Here’s our contestants, their audition projects and the judges’ commentary (not every project was chosen by every judge so that’s why they don’t all have commentary from everyone)
Our Season 3 Contestants are…

#1 Desiree from The 36th Avenue
Kristi: The burlap against the scrappy orange fabric goes fab together and the eclectic “welcome” ties the piece together perfectly.
Kelli: Great use of scraps, fun hidden message too!
Love the colors and funkiness of this wreath! A little spooky but still cute! Jennifer

#2 Charlie from Attempting Aloha
I really like the creativity in this little purse. The finished look is so chic. Amanda
So pretty! A brand new idea for me! I can’t wait to try it! Jennifer
Kristi: Printable fabric to make a custom gift- excellent idea. Love the ruffles, too!
Kelli: DIY printed fabric & ruffles: what’s not to love?

#3 Jaime from Crafty, Scrappy, Happy
I LOVE this bench! Love it! Jennifer
Kristi: This project had me at robin egg blue! I enjoyed seeing how Jamie made this piece versatile and went beyond a simple before/after.
Kelli: Adore this bench, makes me want to sit & stay awhile.
#4 Angela & Debbie from Tres Chere
 Kristi: Love how this piece looks so professional but was created by hand- from the chalk outline/painted zebra stripes to using a fitted sheet to roofing nails- the outcome looks amazing! 
Kelli: Major transformation! I would have left it on the curb seeing the before pic, great eye!
I personally am not into animal prints, but this particular piece is very chic and quite beautiful. Love the creativity that developed this design. Amanda

#5 Maggie from Midwestern Sewing Girl
Kristi: I am a sucker for a good transformation; the lining of the drawer is my favorite detail on this “after”!
Kelli: Such talent, every detail accounted for: love it!
What a clever way to use scrap wood. Love the family name and rules used together! Jennifer

#7 Nikkie from Everything Under the Moon
I’ve seen a lot of pumpkins, but I really love the textured look that the yarn gives to this rendition. Amanda
Just plain cute! My favorite is the multi-colored one! Jennifer

#8 Wendy from Craft Goodies
Very cute and clever idea! I’ve seen other versions of this idea, but this is my favorite! Jennifer
#9 Sarah from Alderberry Hill
Kristi: Great details in this project; the embellished scrapbook paper & houndstooth background with big bold number turn make this wreath stylish.
Kelli: Love how the eyeballs looking back at you but still has a classy look.
#10 Sarah from Creating Sarah
This project is so adorable and would provide hours of fun for travel, when mom needs to be on the phone, or just before a nap. Amanda

#11 Natalie from Johnny in a Dress
Kristi: This project inspired me to look for vinyl furniture!  The cute pillows coordinate with the new color perfectly!
Kelli: Bold move, awesome payoff. It’s FAB.

#12 Angela from Love Sweet Love

Talk about fun! Not only are these cars made from all recycled materials, but they are fun for playtime and can double as a Halloween costume! Amanda

#13 Rebecca from My Girlish Whims

Kristi: Rebecca was definitely thinking outside of the box on this one- love her knock off.  Simply brilliant!
Kelli: Genius: like her version better than Anthro’s!
This is a beautiful knock off and the thought that went into creating these is fabulous. I’d be proud to display these in my home. Amanda

#15 Dorian from Busily Spinning Momma
Pillow Fight Shield

Such a cute idea for boys! There are so many handmade little girl play things out there, it’s nice to see one for boys (especially one that they will   actually enjoy!) Jennifer

Get ready for some AMAZING Halloween projects!
Voting for Round 1 will open Friday Morning
and…be sure to work on your own Halloween projects so you can link them up at the Friday Favs Party:)

Want some American Crafter bling for your sidebar???

Happy Haunting!

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    So excited!!! SOOOOOO nervous!! I’m eagerly looking forward to all the fun halloween projects these fabulous bloggers are going to come up with-good luck everyone!!!!! Thanks for such a great opportunity!

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