American Crafter Round 3 Voting

I’ve been looking forward to this round and it’s finally here!
Looking at these gorgeous projects is NOT helping my compulsive fabric shopping problem:)
Remember the Champ this week wins $25 to…

#1 Ruffled Peasant Dress
by…Natalie @ Johnny in a Dress
I am so excited to have made it to Round 3!
I am amazed at all of the talent each week and am so inspired by all of the projects!
When I found out that this week’s theme was “fabric” I knew exactly what I wanted to do…
the Ruffled Peasant Dress!
Of course I couldn’t stop with the dress, I HAD to make Harper a matching Flower Pin for her hair, ruffled leg warmers upcycled from an old t-shirt complete with super cute flowers attached to them!
This is for sure my new favorite outfit in Harper’s wardrobe!
Gotta love ruffles! 
Kelli-  Ahh LOVE the rosette details! I can see my little 2 year old wearing this, well done!
Kristi-  I want a pair of those ruffle leg warmers, Natalie! ;) I love the houndstooth- the whole ensemble is simply gorgeous!!

Ruffled Peasant Dress: What a sweet dress and a sweet little girl wearing it! Love the flowers added to the leggings!

#1 Ruffle Peasant Dress
Oh my gosh, what a cute dress and matching accessories! I wish I had the seamstress talent.

#2 Suitcase Re-Vamp

by…Desiree @ The 36th Avenue 
Kelli’s Fav 
Hi again! I am Desiree from The 36th Avenue 
and I have a confession to make: I can’t sew.
I can make a pillow, perhaps a curtain, and pretty much that’s it.
So when I heard that the challenge was fabric I felt panic…
Knowing my limits I decided to exchange the sewing machine for Mod Podge, the thread for spray paint, the needles for a brush  and the patterns for an old  suitcase…
When I mixed all together it was the fabric what made this challenge so much fun!
If you want to see more pictures  and how to make your own, come and check out the TUTORIAL!
…I hope you like it!
Good luck everyone… and best wishes!
Kelli-  My fave of the week!  I collect old suitcases for craft storage…I want this! Fab, Desiree!!
Kristi-  Holy smokes this is dar-ling! Love the pattern used & how it coordinates perfectly with the suitcase.  

Suitcase revamp: WOW! This is really cool! I love that fabric. What a great piece! Can I have it? 

Oh wow, I love the transformation! I have the sudden urge to hit the thrift store and pick up some old luggage! 

#3 Chair Up-Cycle
by…Jaime @ Crafty Scrappy Happy
Kristi’s Fav
‘s Fav
I only want to say a few little things and the first is—-I am SO honored to be part of round 3 of American Crafter.
The second is—thank you to American Crafter, because I am suddenly motivated to start and finish projects that have been waiting for wayyy to long. 
Case and point…. this corner of my master bedroom was bare and unwelcoming until now.  I found this now shabby chic chair at a garage sale for five dollars andddd in reality I probably over paid for it at the time because WOW was it in bad shape! —but with some fabric and motivation from this competition it is now a chair I will treasure!  Anddd while I was at it I made the framed quote on fabric as well—-as a reminder to me, that home is wherever my husband is (we spent the last year apart so it is SUPER meaningful to me!) & for those of you who know me and my crafting I love anything that has meaning!!!
Kelli-  Adore this. I love the meaning behind the frame, seriously made me tear up in sympathy because both mine and Kristi’s hubbies are gone a lot too. Love it Jaime!
Kristi-  My top pick this week! I just adore the pretty chair in all its shabby chic glory but Jaime had me at the matching quote… so sweet!!

Chair Upcycle: Gorgeous! I love the colors, I love the fabrics, and I love the pillows! Such a romantic little nook! (my #1 pick)

Oh I totally love how romantic this corner is! The chair is shabby chic beautiful, the pillows add elegance and the frame is the finishing touch.

#4 Fall Floral Throw
by…Wendy @ Craft Goodies
I am somewhat amazed and of course thrilled to be back for round three! I was so excited for this theme- I spend so much of my time working with wood that often my sewing machine is a welcomed relief from the buzzing of the saw.

I chose this week to make one of my favorite escapes even better. I love sitting on the back porch with a good book in hand {wasting} away the afternoon, but believe it or not, it’s been a bit cold here in Southern Texas and so the reading hasn’t happened…until now.
I put together a small throw, about the size of a crib quilt, to keep me cozy while I read. I wanted to keep it in the sense of “Fall” hence the browns and yellowish-greens, but couldn’t pass on a bunch of ruffles and flowers either! It’s soft flannel and super warm, just what my book and I needed! Best of luck everyone and thanks for another fun week-

Kelli- So cute, Wendy. Makes me want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle up with a good chick flick!
Kristi- Love love love this throw- the colors/patterns are so pretty together and the oversized rosettes make it so feminine. 

Fall Floral Throw: This is so pretty and on a chilly day like today, I could use it!

Wow those rosettes are stunning, I love this throw. Makes me want to snuggle up on a porch swing!

#5 A {handy} Advent Calendar

by…Angela @ Love Sweet Love

I have SO much in my life to be grateful for (like being in round 3 of American Crafter-Eeeeek- Thank you)! And I love that, due to Thanksgiving, the month of November is a time specifically focused on showing gratitude for the amazing blessings in our lives.
 Using the theme hands, I came up with an advent calendar that would help my kiddos be grateful for the MANY things their little hands can do. Being that it’s Thanksgiving, I decided to create a turkey calendar-using a pumpkin mod podged in fabric, and a gourd-for the base, and used our hands to be the feathers. Dad’s and Mom’s hands are the the larger feathers that were cut out of craft foam and covered in fabric. My two kids’ hands were cut straight onto fabric and sewn onto the larger hands. This way it’s a very special, literal reminder, to ALL the members of our family that…Together, OUR hands can help YOUR hands create, explore, serve, celebrate, and show gratitude-the 5 different category’s for the month. I then sewed a line between each of their little fingers to create the pockets to hold the “hand” activity for that day that corresponds to that weeks category. And of course, the BEST part about any advent calendar is the candy, so using twine I tied a tootsie roll to each finger for a treat once the activity for that day has been completed!

 (For the full details on making this advent calendar, as well as the list of all 24 “hand” activities, hop on over to my blog!)

Kelli-  Super cute, very kid friendly which is a must with my family of 6.
Kristi- What a creative & meaningful advent calendar! It is just darling and a great project for the fam to create together :)

Handy Advent Calendar: This is so creative and so fun! This takes the handprint turkey to a whole new level!

Oh my gosh, beyond cute! What a creative way to use fabric and create a keepsake at the same time.

#6 Play Room Wall Art
by…Charlie @ Attempting Aloha

Aloha!I’ll keep this one short and sweet (but this project wasn’t…it was a beast!). I may or may not have a slight obsession with fabric. I’ll admit to nothing.  But today’s project was another one using basic painter’s dropcloth. I really wanted to do something fun on our girls’ playroom wall, but I didn’t want to spend $$, and I wanted it to be big but not gaudy/kidlike, right? 25 hours of labor (longer than the labors of all three of my children combined), here’s what I came up with. I hope my kids enjoy it…because it will be in every playroom we ever own until they’re 30 (ya know…when I allow them to move out…). ;)

Kelli-  Super unique project, well done!
Kristi- Scrabble letters for playroom decor is so playful & fun- bet the kids will love looking at that for inspiration.  Genius to use a drop cloth- love the texture!

Playroom Wall Art: This is so cute! Endless possibilities! I gotta try printing on fabric!

Love the finished look, so great! I like the fact that “fabric” didn’t have to mean clothes or sewing!

Time to Vote!
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Voting is open until Sunday Night at 8 pm
3 Contestants advance to Round 3
Results will be posted Monday morning by 10 am

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