American Crafter Round 1 Voting

The projects are in and they all look fantastic!!
If you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration you’ve come to the right place:)

Remember our Round 1 Champ will win a Fantastic Prize from:
Drum roll please…

#1 Skeleton Wreath
by… Maggie at Midwestern {Sewing} Girl
adore Halloween…and I love creepy decor…I’m just not a huge fan of blood and guts and stuff…
So, I decided to make a Halloween wreath that combines both pretty & creepy…it’s my Halloween Glam Skeleton Wreath…complete with flowers, feathers, sparkles &, you guessed it, skeletons. I started with a simple grapevine wreath from JoAnn and added some feathers & skeletons from a disassembled garland. I wanted to fancy up the skeletons a bit, so I glued small paper flowers and gems to them…then I added some white silk roses I had on hand to both the top and bottom of the wreath…and there you go! It didn’t take too much time (about an hour or so…) and it matches my other fall decor…it’s just a bit spookier…
Kelli: Classy + creepy = excellent execution!
Kristi: Maggie did a great job disguising a simple grapevine wreath into spooky Halloween decor- loving the feminine touches!
I really love the combination of creepy and glamorous on this wreath. The little flowers on the skeletons is the perfect final touch!
The perfect wreath for Halloween! Creepy yet fabulous I just bought some of those skeletons and now I think I might copy! :) 

#2 $5 Halloween Pet Costume
by…Angela at Tres Chere
Meet Oscar the Grouch..oops I mean Tiffany…my 4 year old Brussels Griffon…
Hi everyone! Angela here from Tres Chere.  Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “O” for Oscar the Grouch. I am sharing with you a costume you can create for less than $5.00 for your furry friend.  I used an old basket that my neighbor was throwing out, cut it down to fit and then spray painted it Brilliant Silver by Krylon (on sale at Hobby Lobby for 30% off) to mimic a trash can. Some items I already had on hand, black construction paper, orange ribbon and chalk paint was used to create the pennant flag. I purchased one can of green hair color from Walmart for $2.17 and gently sprayed Tiffany’s hair. For her face, I sprayed it on my hands and then rubbed it on the hair near her eyes. My dogs love being pulled every year in my red wagon through the neighborhood to trick or treat. This basket will fit in the wagon perfectly! So there you have it a pet costume for only $5.00. Not too shabby! Tiffany says…woof woof…vote for me!
Kelli: I love Oscar the Grouch; green fur is a nice touch!
Kristi: Ha ha- this is awesome! I would love to see Tiffany trick-or-treating decked out in her Oscar gear ;)
Aww! That’s probably the cutest Oscar the Grouch I’ve ever seen!

 I couldn’t get over how adorable this is. It was one of my favorites!  I even showed the hubby. 
#3 Zombie Girl Costume
My preteen thinks she is too old for a “cutesy” Halloween costume.  But she is not too old to want to have some Halloween fun!  So I made the “Zombie Girl Costume” for her this Halloween!  You will need some bloody clothes and lots of makeup.  The headless, bloody teddy bear completes the outfit cause every girl zombie carries a headless teddy bear!  Head on over to my blog for more info on how I brought this costume together.  It is super easy….let’s face it moms need easy projects this time of year!  
Kelli: I’m a big zombie fan; this is a great idea for a costume on the cheap!
Kristi: The perfect last minute costume for a busy mom; love that makeup job, Angie! 
I love the headless teddy bear that tops of this fun costume!

Creepy! Perfect for a tween costume!
#4 Monster Wreath
by…Sarah at Creating Sarah
The word usually brings to mind creepy images of ghosts, witches, mummies, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, werewolves, zombies, vampires.  It’s all good and fun, but, when it comes down to it, isn’t the best part of Halloween the night of free candy?  So, here I have designed a soft, fluffy Halloween wreath with an enticing offering of candy.
Those fruity candies are pretty easy to get to, but the good stuff is up a little higher.  It needs to be reached for…earned.  So, you stretch out your hand, barely able to reach; you grab a firmer hold on that beautiful chocolate (why is that spooky music playing in the background?) and pull down firmly (wee, wee, wee, wee–read that like Psycho music)!  
It’s the dreaded Monster Wreath!!!!
Kelli: Haha this made me laugh, cute how the monster “comes alive”.
Kristi: I would love to be there to see a trick-or-treater’s reaction to this fun & simply cute project- so very clever! 
This is really cute! I love how when you pull the candy bar the eyes open, but I’ve always been a sucker for monsters. :) 

This is hysterical! I want one of these to hang on my door for trick-or-treaters! Very clever!

#5 BOO Wreath
by…Natalie at Johnny in a Dress
Kelli’s Fav
s Fav
I am super excited to be a contestant in Season 3 of American Crafter!
I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this season!
What a fun, fabulous group of super talented, crafty ladies!
I am honored to be here today!
I had a blast this week creating my Halloween Wreath for Round 1!
…and now I am in LOVE!
I wanted to use things I already had, so I gathered some ribbon, unfinished wooden plaques, unfinished wooden balls, some fabric, a plain grapevine wreath and a can of metallic silver spray paint! Then I got to work! After some paint, a little help from my Silhouette and tying a bunch of ribbons onto the wreath, I ended up with this fabulous Halloween Wreath to hang on our front door:
{to you}
Happy Halloween!
Kelli: My fave of the week. Love the polka dot balls + crow plaque! Can see this hanging in my house.
Kristi: Great use of items on hand to create an absolutely darling wreath- the colors/chic patterns coordinate perfectly with the accessories.
I love how the standard black and orange have been taken to the next level with the pretty patterns in this wreath.

A-dorable! Such a fun combo of materials and patterns used! 
#6 Happy Halloween Felt Banner
by…Rebecca at My Girlish Whims
It’s hard to make a college dorm room look festive for the holidays with limited resources on hand. So, for my project I used only two supplies: felt and embroidery floss! I made cute triangle pennants out of felt in fall colors and then embroidered the words “Happy Halloween” on them! I strung them together with more string and had a festive Halloween bunting to decorate with. I may not have a fireplace mantel to string it off of, but it sure does make our dorm door a lot more inviting!
Kelli: This is so simple + cute.
Kristi:  I am impressed with the use of limited supplies to create such a cute banner! Nicely executed!  
What a great way to use what you have in hand. This fun Halloween bunting is perfect for small spaces!

I’m impressed that you decorate your dorm room for the holidays! Love your Halloween penant banner!

#7 Halloween Buffet
Yayyyy I am SO thrilled to be here today!  So here is a little explanation of my “Halloween Themed” project!!  SOOO I got a little excited this year and went ahead and decorated my actual mantle in fall decor last week anddd immediately started to regret skipping the doing a Halloween themed mantle….
anddd then the American Crafter contest came around….
andddd I was inspired to decorate and incorporate my love for thrifty decor with a mantle “like” display on my favorite piece of furniture—
my chippy and ohhh so perfectly Halloween-ish Buffet…
I didn’t spend more than $5 dollars on my decor—I just used what I had and transformed the things I did buy—because I am all about being thrifty but still enjoying the “look” of the decor!!!!
Kelli: I love the Trick or Treat theme going on; too clever. Love that buffet too!!
Kristi: Great use of space to display Halloween decor; I am loving all those crows to pull in the spooky look!
That buffet is too fun! The eery crackle works perfectly with these festive decorations. Creative way to display Trick or Treat as well!

Perfectly spooky and beautiful! What a great piece of furniture too!

#8 Halloween Tree
by…Desirée at The 36th Avenue
I am SO EXCITED to be a part of Round ONE
in American Crafters !
Contemplating of what to create I  thought… Why not make a bunch of ornaments to hang on a handmade  Christmas Halloween Tree. Basically what I used to make this project was weeds and broken branches, paper and popsicles sticks…  I hope you like it!
You can click HERE to see the full post and TUTORIAL  for this project ;)

Thank you again Amy for this chance to share my tree with your readers and
my best wishes to the other contestants… you guys are amazing!
Happy Halloween Everyone!
Kelli: This is too cute; what a festive way to dress up your porch. I love that she recycled sticks and etc. So so fun!
Kristi: I thought those were frames, not popsicle sticks… so creative! This is the perfect front porch display for trick or treaters to admire… well, their parents anyway, if they are like me and appreciate the cute details ;)

These ornaments are totally fun. Craft sticks and twigs are actually among my favorite supplies so this is a fun project for me to see.
Desiree never disappoints! Love the tree!

#9 Spider Wreath
Wreaths are all the rage in the blogosphere, but how about a door decoration that’s not a wreath? I started off in the Christmas section (can you believe that stuff is already out!) and picked up a pack of 3M Christmas Light clips. They are the tiniest of the bunch. Then using black yarn, I wove it back and forth creating a spiderweb. I tied it off in the center to help keep it together.
I found raw wooden letters on sale at a local big box store, and scooped up the words “Happy Halloween”. I spray painted every other letter black or orange. I used Krylon Paint and Primer in One and it worked like a dream on that porous wood.
But the letters were calling out for something else. I raided my scrapbook paper and, using CraftBond, I adhered my spookiest print paper to each letter. I sanded the sides to rough it up a little, rubbed the edges with a stamp pad, sprayed on some glitter spray paint and then gave each one a quick coat of matte varnish to protect them from the weather.
I attached them to my door using more 3M tape. I really love that stuff! And I have 2 little kids running in and out, slamming the door and all the letters have stayed on!
Last thing to do was add a spider to the web! Spooky!
Kelli: I love the wood letters, my kids would love that spooky spider!
Kristi: Totally diggin the different patterns on the wood letters- such a cute door display & fun craft to make with the kiddo’s :)
How clever that this spider web was created using yarn and Christmas light clips! Love the look!

I love this because even from far away you can see what it is. Fantastic!

#10 Sound Activated Halloween Pillow
by…Angela at Love Sweet Love
Can I just start by telling you how much I LOVE (x 10) Halloween!!! Everything about it (let’s be real…mostly the candy) makes me GiDDy! I first started getting into holiday decorating last October so I have quite the plethora of creepy-crawly, spooky-eerie, purple and green crafts, so this year I wanted to add a fun, DIY sound-activated pillow to my collection.
 Knowing that this was going outside on my front porch I opted for burlap and came up with the simple quip ‘Happy Haunting’ to welcome all those ghosts and goblins that’ll be mooching my candy
trick-or-treating on Halloween night! I printed that onto my fabric just using a simple stencil and a black permanent marker. I really like the more classy Halloween look this year (ie not bloody vampires and zombies) so I decided to add a feminine touch using black lace. After sewing the black lace up the left side of the pillow and then sewing a strip of black grosgrain ribbon on top of that, I made a black lace flower with a silver sparkly button center to add to the top. I love that it gives the pillow some texture and dimension. BUUUUT what good would a ‘Happy Haunting’ pillow be if it wasn’t slightly…haunted? :) That’s when I had the idea to spookify it just a smidgen, by removing the sound activated device from a grim reaper decoration and inserting it into the pillow. When turned on (I cut a small hole around the on/off switch on the back of the pillow) this baby reacts to sound by making eeeeerie noises and glowing red! SURPRISE my little pretties! Happy Haunting!! ;)
(A full step-by-step tutorial for this project can be found on my blog today!)
Kelli: Love this; what a great way to spook the trick-or-treating AND look classy. The lace is a great touch!
Kristi:  You had me at sound activation, Angela… brilliant! From the burlap to the lace and simple letters… I love this pillow!

I adore interactive decorations and this pillow is a great porch addition.

#11 Ghoulish Centerpiece
by…Sarah at Alderberry Hill
Kristi’s Fav
I can’t wait to have a spooky halloween dinner so I can display this ghoulish centerpiece in the centre of the table. I started with a charger, a pedestal bowl and a vase that I spray painted black. The plastic skull I covered in scrapbook paper strips using mod podge and then glued to the vase and then glued the crow on the sculls head.
Add spray painted pumpkins & decorative balls, fall leaves, moss & twigs. Perfect for a ghoulish table top decoration!
Kelli: So cute! Great way to spruce up the inside of your Halloween home decor!
Kristi: Ok what?! A charger, pedestal bowl & vase… stinkin’ genius!  Love the versatility and that this is perfect indoors or out.  Absolutely creative…. my top pick this round :)
What a great way to dress up your table for Halloween with this festive centerpiece!

This was also one of my favorites! I love the spookiness of the crow and moss! The colors are fabulous too! Great job!

#12 Trick-or-Treat Baskets
by Wendy at Craft Goodies
Halloween…could the theme get any better? I love this time of year, this super fun holiday…the candy!!! And of course one should have a super cute way to collect all those glorious treats (because a plastic pumpkin just isn’t going to cut it this year). I used 5 gallon paint sticks and a few chunks of 1/2 inch MDF for the basic construction of the baskets and then had a great time creating the details of my little critters.
My real life little critters think they are wonderful, only one problem- 5 little munchkins and only 3 baskets, looks like I’m not done yet…
Happy Halloween!
Kelli: These are so fun, my kids would love them.
Kristi: Fab alternative to the standard treat bag, Wendy! The details on the cute faces on these baskets are just daaar-ling!
These little guys are way too cute! I just love their sweet faces!

These boxes are adorable! What a cute and creative way to decorate for Halloween and collect candy!
#13 Poe Inspired Halloween
I am so excited to be taking part in the contest and competing with such talented women! For my submission, being the geek for classics that I am, I decided to put a twist on Halloween and going classically creepy. Edgar Allen Poe is well known for dark and macabre stories that portray a sense of fear and mystery.  I brought his stories into my decor by using The Raven, his most famous work, in a framed picture as well as The Tell Tale Heart with a framed heart and the word, “thump”. The frame for The Raven is actually a $1 store mirror with scrapbook paper and a bird cutout mod podged onto it.  I also portrayed his dark story of the Masque of the Red Death with a framed mask. The red death is represented by the presence of the red frame. On the left is a tile I made with an image I found of a “Poe” inscribed skull to really give a Halloween feel with the addition of branches giving off a feeling of looming dread. Finally, the white pumpkin with the simple word “Nevermore.” An important detail to Poe’s most famous work, The Raven.
I very much enjoyed this challenge and taking a different twist to traditional Halloween using a skull, an ominous bird, and a dead beating heart!
Hope you enjoy!!
Kelli: Love this color scheme. So chic.
Kristi: I love the vintage feel to Nikki’s display and the Poe theme- it’s so pretty yet still Halloween-ish.  
While I love all the pieces, I think the framed bird is my favorite!

I have an obsession with white pumpkins this year! I love the black and white theme! Spooky AND elegant!
#14 Batman Mask
by…Dorian at Busily Spinning Momma
When I saw that the first round for American Crafter was Halloween, I panicked. You see, we don’t do Halloween. We never have, so what was I to do?
Then a thought struck me, my son is fanatical about Batman, this was a perfect opportunity to make him that mask he’s been asking for.
It’s made with black Felt. I’ve inserted cardboard into the bat ears to make them extra pointy and added felt “angry” eyebrows to look very “Batman-ish” LOL!
As you can see, he LOVES it! Always a win in my books :)

Kelli: So fun; I gotta make 2 for each of my boys!
Kristi: Holy cute, Batman! Not sure what’s cuter… the “angry” eyes on the mask or Dorian’s little tyke!  Awesome and easy Halloween mask!

This Batman mask is perfect! Cardboard in the ears to keep them up, briliant!

Love handmade costumes! Looks like the little guy likes it too!

#15 “Glamingo” Flamingo
 by… Charlie at Attempting Aloha
This Batman mask is perfect! Cardboard in the ears to keep them up, briliant!
s Fav
I checked out an old Martha Stewart Halloween Costumes DVD from the library a couple weeks ago, and my 2-year-old fell in love with a chicken costume. But (of course), she wanted to be pink! I simplified the body of the costume a bit by just safety pinning on 2 feather boas to a shirt we had on-hand (saves me $$ and saves the shirt!). Then it took some serious brain-storming as to how I was going to make a face. After browsing around Dollar Tree, I found an ugly parrot visor head thingie (technical term I’m sure), and knew I could make a cute flamingo (aka “pink chicken”) using the same concept. Total cost for Glamingo the Flamingo is about $5-8 for one or much less for more since you’ll only need one pack of googley eyes, glitter foam paper, etc. The lovely eyelashes are obviously optional, but who can resist! And the visors come in a 3-pack. I’ll be posting a free printable for the face and visor on my blog Attempting Aloha. But you have to vote for me to download it. ;)  Just kidding.  But it’s definitely the cutest, cheapest, easiest costume I’ve ever made!
Kelli: I love this! So pretty and perfect for a little girl..awesome that a printable is included!
Kristi: Those eyelashes! Darling! I thought the visor came that way… so so so cute, Charlie! Clever way to save a tee with safety pins- such a sweet costume.
The face on that flamingo is so adorable, and the feathers! Love!

This is SO cute! What a creative costume!
Time to Vote!
You may vote 1 time for your 3 favorite projects
Voting is open until Sunday Night at 8pm
10 Contestants advance to Round 2
Results will be posted Monday morning at 10am

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