Shopping Bag Bib Tutorial

 This is our new go-to bib. One of my favorite reusable shopping bags got a hole in it, so I gave it a new life as a bib. We’re pretty happy about it:)

I seriously might not ever use another bib again! This bib wipes off super quickly and since it doesn’t have any cotton either it dries in seconds. Perfect for someone without a washer and dryer {which is unfortunately me…} And the little pocket catches all sorts of goodies
1. Find a bag ready for a new life! Or you can pick up a new one- Marshalls & TJ Maxx have really cute ones for $1. Pick apart your bag and save the “bias tape”. Cut out your bib pieces. Most bags have a different color on the bottom panel and I used that for the bottom portion of my bib and the pocket.

2. Pin the pocket in place and then sew your salvaged bias tape around the outer edge of the bib.

3. Sew another length of bias tape around the neck leaving some long tails for tying the bib on.

Enjoy your new bib!
***Make sure you save your leftover pieces- 2 more projects are coming your way!

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    Very good innovation! What you’ve done is that you’ve to the world that there lots of ways to recycle shopping bags and that includes plastic bags.

    Indeed, it’s ingenuity at its finest.

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