Sure Cuts a Lot Week 2: Objects

It’s Tuesday, which means time for more Sure Cuts a Lot:)
Did you miss Week 1? Head on over to learn about Fonts
Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at Shapes and how to manipulate them. 
Come back next week for adding & working with SVG files.
Let’s get started!

It took me ages to realize this even though it was right here in front of me, so I’m letting you in on the secret. SCAL comes preloaded with tons of awesome shapes!

See the Shapes Library down at the bottom. Now check out the drop down tab… You have almost everything you need right at your fingertips!
Just click on any shape and drag it onto your cutting mat
Here’s what I absolutely LOVE about SCAL- now you can manipulate the shape however you want! Go ahead and play around with it. If you want to cut something in a specific location {front of a card maybe?} then you can line up your shape at the exact location you need it on the mat. Or arrange a whole layout of shapes
If you like precision then check out the toolbars over on the side. The Position_Size toolbar lets you choose an exact location for your shape and exact dimensions. The H Align & V Align lets you line up your shape in at the top, bottom, left, right or center of the mat. I like to line it up at the very top left corner, so I don’t waste paper.  
Under the Appearance Tab you can change the style of your shape. This is great for making a layered look- cut one normal & then one with the Shadow feature {dolphin}. Or you can do Blackout to make a solid backdrop {summer}. You would cut each piece separately- I just layered them so you could see the final idea. You can increase and decrease the size of your shadow with the up and down arrows just to the right- I have it set to .25
To create mirror images use the flip feature.
Under the appearance tab you’ll also find the Weld feature. Just put 2 shapes on top of each other, select both of them {just drag around both with your mouse} and hit weld. Now if you go to your cutter preview you’ll see that it’s omitting any overlapping lines {gray part will not be cut} 
Now for some fun stuff!
I love cutting out different pieces in different papers. To do this select your object and then go to Break Apart. Now you can drag your different pieces apart, cut them out in a variety papers and create something darling!
Want more than one? Go to duplicate on the object menu and choose how many rows and columns you want. Make sure the spacing is wider than the dimensions of your shape or they’ll overlap. 
Ok…1 more thing:)
What if you want to make a cute die cut? It’s simple with the Merge Feature {also in the object menu}. Just drag one shape on top of another, select both and hit merge. Now you have a die cut just where you want
Overwhelmed yet? Just play around with it and you’ll realize how amazing SCAL is! I’ve learned a lot just from compiling this series:)
Keep practicing and next week we’ll do SVG’s. So much fun!!

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