DIY Board Book

Does your kiddo have a tendency to destroy their books? You know- chew on, slobber, rip…
Little Miss can be a bit enthusiastic when she reads so I decided to make her very own board book that she can do whatever she wants with and it didn’t cost me a cent!
It’s definitely a hit! She loves it so much she won’t even let me read it to her. 
This book is all hers:)
  • Cardboard Restaurant coasters: mine are courtesy of Outback
  • Scraps of paper
  • Clear contact paper
  • Elmers
  • Hole puncher
1. Cut your paper to fit the coasters and decide the order for your pages
2. I used mod podge to finish my pages, but it seemed to get a bit sticky in the heat. Instead I would laminate the pages or cover them with clear contact paper.  Here’s a quick tour of my book:
 3. If you have a lift-the-flap enthusiast in your house you can also add some flaps. I mod podged both sides of mine to make them sturdier. I stood them up to dry (again…. I’d go with laminating)
4. Score the edge of each flap and then glue down.
5. Punch holes and bind. I used jump rings at first, but little miss figured out how to get those off, so we switched to ribbon.
Happy Reading:)

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  1. 8


    OH WOW!! this is just adorable!! im so making this one!! love you craft projects, keep up the good work u are giving me alot of ideas

  2. 9


    This is so adorable! My son would have loved a book like that…in fact, he probably still would! I think this is a great reason for hubby to take me to Outback and get “supplies”, don’t you? :)


  3. 10


    What a fun and fabulous idea!!! I just stumbled upon your site, and love it! I’m your newest follower. I’d love to have you stop by my site and follow me too :)

    I also host a For the Kids Link Party every Friday (still open now). I’d love to have you stop by and join in on the fun! Hope to have you by!

    :)rachel at

  4. 12


    GREAT IDEA!!! I love it. I wonder how it would work to add pics of family members that are a distance away. Since it’s laminated it should be water proof….ummm drool proof… right!?
    Thanks for the idea… Outback coasters whoda thunk it. :)

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