Just Enough Style Matching Game

Today I’d like to introduce you to newest bloggy friend Jessica at Just Enough Style. Today she’s kind of enough to share her matching game tutorial with us. So cute and nice and simple- just the way I like it:)

Felt in various colors
White or cream felt for the cards
Scrap fabric for the back of the cards
Fabric for the bag
String or ribbon
Sewing Machine
First off decide what shapes and colors you want to use. I didn’t use a pattern for any of the shapes but if you needed one I’m sure you could just use some clip art to help you.

Next cut out 2 of every shape and color sew them onto some cream colored felt. I used a face card as a pattern.

Once you have all your shapes sewn on the felt it’s now time to make the back of your cards. If you wanted to you could just leave it felt but I wanted to add some color. Sew your shape to the fabric right sides facing out. I left a little edge on the back fabric and used my pinking shears to add some texture.

That’s it! Now your ready to play!

When your done you can put them in this little bag for easy storage. The great thing about this matching game is that it has shapes and colors. It’s a great way to help your little one learn colors and shapes in a fun way.
Thanks Jessica!
And one more thing- I just had to share this cutie pie in her cheerleader dress with you. Thanks Anna!
Touchdown! You can find the cheerleader dress tutorial here

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