Crafting & Creativity Diaper Clutch Tutorial

Sarah over at Crafting & Creativity was kind of enough to let me feature her diaper clutch tutorial. It turned out so great and looks like a pretty quick project- perfect!

Tutorial time!! I’m going to show you how I made this diaper clutch:

I bought 2 pieces of fabric. My local Walmart sells these pieces for $2.00 each. Yup, it only cost me $4.00 to make this project!

The supplies before I started…. sewing machine, pins, scissors, measuring tape, seam ripper- which I sadly ended up using.

The fabric you need for the main piece should measure about 10 inches by 13 1/2 or 13 1/4 inches. And you need TWO of these so that your clutch is lined.
For the pockets you need 2 pieces in your other fabric that are 10 inches by about 11 inches. Take each pocket piece and fold it in half and iron over the fold. So now each pocket is 10 inches long by about 5 1/2 inches.

Take one of your pieces of the body and lay it facing UP. Then line up each of your pocket pieces. The space in between the pockets measure 2 1/4 inches.

Then lay your other piece of fabric over top facing DOWN. Add some pins if you like.

Then sew around 3 of the sides…..

….leaving a nice seam allowance…..

…then trim off any excess seam allowance and cut the corners so that they will look nice and not bulky when you turn this inside out.

So on the 4th side, you can sew along most of it. Just leave a couple inches un-sewn, like this:

Now you want to carefully turn it inside out…

It should look something like this…….

{I labeled the picture just to make sure my instructions weren’t confusing.} Now sew up that part that you didn’t sew. Stitch as close to the edge as you can.

Now flip that pocket to the other side. And your clutch will now look like this…..

Then fill it with diapers and a case of wipes! If you want to make a fancier wipes case, follow THIS tutorial of mine!

I added on a fabric yo-yo flower that I made and used my glue gun to secure it on. {You can learn to make one by following THIS tutorial.}

This would make a great gift idea for a baby shower, or for the mom with young children on your list this Christmas.

You could also add some velcro or some other way to attach the sides. I may try that another time. But for the first two, I wanted the simple design. And velcro is horrible if you need to pull out a wipe in church or another setting that requires quiet. But I definitely have a bunch of ideas to dress up the basic design.

And for those who asked, the finished dimensions are:

13 inches by 9 1/4 inches when opened up.
Thanks so much Sarah!

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