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Hi, I am Kelli from Pretty Lil’ Posies and I am so excited to be here!  Like Amy, I have a little girl that I love to craft for.  I am loving all the adorable things Amy has made for her daughter!  I just started my blog at the end of August so I am new to the craft blog world and I can’t wait to show you all the ideas I have spinning in my head.

Need to add some sass to your little lady’s hair?  A couple of these should do the trick…

Gather your supplies:
-2 small felt squares, one slightly bigger than the other (mine measured 2″ squared and 1 3/4″ squared)
-one piece of, 3/8″ wide ribbon cut to 3 1/2” long (grosgrain ribbon works well)
-some sort of “bling” for the middle of your flower (I used a rhinestone)
-double prong alligator clip (you can get these for pretty cheap at beauty supply stores, I found mine at Sally’s I got 100 clips for about $5.00)
-hot glue gun
-hot glue
-non slip shelf liner, optional (I got mine at the dollar store)

1-Heat seal your ribbon (to prevent fraying) by running the ends through the flame of your candle.
2-Sandwich your ribbon between the prongs of your clip, right side facing down.
3-Run a string of hot glue on top of the prong where the ribbon is.
4-Quickly fold the ribbon up and over the top prong.  Pinch the ribbon together to smooth out the glue.  Be careful, the glue is hot!  Remove any excess glue.
5-Continue gluing on ribbon and smoothing it out as you go.  Do just a little bit at a time until you reach the end of your ribbon.
6-Round the corners of your felt, forming two circles.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.
7-Cut a slit in the middle as shown in picture.
8-Cut a slit on the opossite side of your last one.  Do the same to the other side.  You will end up with 4 slits.
9-Round all the corners.  This forms your petals.
10-Glue it all together.  Make sure your smaller flower is on top.
11-Glue your flower onto the center of your clip and now you’re done!….unless you want to add some “no slip grip” if you’re making this for a little lady with fine hair.

12- cut a rectangle of your shelf liner slightly smaller than the base of your clip.
13-Glue on the shelf liner to the back of the top of your clip.
14-Now you are done!  It can now grip onto the finest of baby hair, even a single piece of thread.
15-Repeat steps 1-14 and attach to some cute pigtails.  I love those little whale spouts!

I also made a pair of these to match an “I Scream” onsie I made.

A tutorial and pattern for the “i scream” shirt is available on my blog.  On my blog you will also find a little bit of everything like…
quick and easy crafts,
lots of fun sewing projects,
card making ideas,
some crafts for just us girls,
CHEAP home decor ideas,
lots of yummy food and recipes,
and of course some good old before and afters!

Come drop by my blog to see some other fun projects.  Thanks for letting me steal your blog for the day Amy!

Wow- isn’t she AMAZING! I need to make some of those clips for little miss pronto:) Make sure you head on over and check out all of her neat projects. Thanks Kelli!

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