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Hello, crafters!  I am so excited to be a guest here at Naptime Crafters!  Amy is my kind of crafter, and I think I have been infatuated with ALL of her ideas!!  
I am Alison, the crazy lady behind Oopsey Daisy.  Once upon a time, I was a first grade teacher.  Now I am a happy stay-at-home Mommy, and I love to make things for the people I love.  I am lucky to be married to a wonderful man who doesn’t mind that I am craft-crazy!  And my 20-month-old Little Man inspires a lot of creativity.  But he keeps me busy, so I relish the time when he is sleeping!
I was completely inspired by Amy’s ruffled candy corn shirt, so I know she must share my love for candy corn!  I recently finished making these burlap candy corn:
I LOVE burlap and LOVE candy corn, so I knew the combination had to be great!  Come along, and I’ll show you how I made these two beauties!
I started out by cutting a rough candy corn shape out of burlap.  You will need a front and back for each candy corn.  I decided to make a large candy corn and a smaller candy corn.  
Next, I painted each piece of burlap–fronts and backs–with acrylic paint.  I just eyeballed where I wanted to paint, and it turned out fine! I decided to leave the top part plain instead of painting it white.  I let these dry overnight. 
Next, I pinned the candy corn together, wrong sides together.  
I left more than an inch in seam allowance.  I sewed almost all the way around the candy corn, but I left a large opening in the bottom.
I stuffed the candy corn, using a pencil to help punch out the corners completely.  Then I sewed up the opening!
I decided to use pinking shears to cut around the seams.  I love the effect!
I looked at these for a solid week, knowing that they needed something to jazz them up!  I decided on some ricrac!  I just hot-glued the ricrac around the candy corn right in between paint layers.
Don’t they make a nice back drop for my spider topiary? (Even before the ricrac!)
Ta-dah!  I love Halloween crafts!  I am having way too much fun with fall decor.  I think I now have more decorations than my tiny apartment can handle!
I hope you will come by Oopsey Daisy and say hello!  Every day is an adventure!  Here is a small taste of what you might find in my world:
I am enjoying my Halloween candy advent calendar. It’s not too late to make your own using a magnetic cookie sheet!
I recently finished 2 quiet books with downloadable templates for 9 pages:

PLUS I recently began a fun “Mommy Week” program for my Little Man.  I share my ideas and lesson plans each weekend so we can help our toddlers learn at home!

Oh man, that was fun!  Amy, thank you so much for letting me hijack your blog for a day.  You rock my world!

Enjoy your weekend!

Wow- seriously isn’t she great?! You have to go check out her blog- those quiet book are amazing!! One of these days I’ll get around to tackling them:)

AMF Bowling

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  1. What awesome ideas! My head is just a spinning now so thank you so much for sharing such fun and unique projects! I found your blog over at The Shabby Chic Cottage and so glad that I did because it’s so much fun here! I’m now a follower and will be back very soon to see what you’ve been working on! 🙂

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