Church ABC’s Quiet Book

I made this when I was pregnant and a lot of people have wanted copies, so… I’m going to share it with all of you. I love this book because it is fun for babies (lots of pictures) and older kids (primary songs/scriptures on every page). This is a book for your children to grow up with. And of course it’s a little more reverent than making paper frogs out of the program (of course I never did that as a child…)


  • 8×8″ photo album
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Pictures- I found mine here and here

OR…. you can print out all of my pages and skip the scrapbooking step. Definitely much faster:)

Normally I don’t post tutorials on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday so as a special treat I’ll give you a couple pages at a time for the rest of September. By the end of the month your book will be complete! Make sure you follow/suscribe so you don’t miss any of the pages

Here’s A & B- click on the pics. to enlarge

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